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  • Books :
  • Hardcover books with four-colour inner pages
  • Hardcover books with monochrome inner pages


If you want to have your product presentations printed for your customers, books are a noble alternative. Comprehensive manuals or user guides take up more space than in brochures. Produced as a hardcover, guides or manuals last much longer and look like new even after a long time. Or you are an author yourself and would like to have cookbooks, reference books or children's books printed?

At you can choose from various formats. If you only have texts to print, such as non-fiction or paperbacks, we recommend A5 format. Or you produce complex machines and have many graphics, drawings, pictures and texts for the manual. Then A4 format is suitable for you. This format is also very popular for other books with pictures, graphics and photos. As a special eye-catcher, A4 square format stands out from the crowd. You want to get out of the norms? We offer other size option in 17 x 24 cm.

Paper selection, hard cover and PUR adhesive binding for your book printing

The hard cover ensures that your book will be sturdy and durable. The hardcover is made from a 2 mm thick machine gray board and a cover with a paper thickness of 150 gsm. You can start adding your personal touch here: have your books finished with matte, glossy or soft-touch cellophane. Note: Design your cover with colors as a contrast to the plain text inside. Your books are bound with the high-quality PUR adhesive binding. It is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it durable and long-lasting compared to the cheaper hotmelt adhesive binding.

The decision when printing books - colors, paper and number of pages

Do you have a lot of pictures, drawings, graphics or photos that will be printed with the text? Printed on a four-color interior, your content really comes into its own. If you only want to have texts printed, we advise you to choose the one-color printed option. As for the number of pages, you have plenty of room from 48 to 328 pages. Furthermore, you can choose between book paper and art print paper. The first is the typical book paper, is suitable for both text printing and solid illustrations, is thicker than the picture printing paper at the same grammage. The art print paper can be selected in different paper thicknesses according to your needs. For many pages with text only, 90 gsm book paper is sufficient, for a more exclusive book with few pages and several images, we recommend 135 gsm art print paper.

Low-cost book printing in very short and long runs in top quality

In offset printing, printing plates have to be exposed. This is a complex process, expensive and therefore not worth it for smaller print runs. Since we produce your hardcover books with the high quality digital printing process, you can order a single copy at You need more? Of course, we will print your book in a large edition of several hundred books.