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Especially in the digital age, e-mails are quickly lost, but paper remains the classic option in business communication. Your personalized envelopes are printed on offset paper. They can be further processed in every conceivable way. You can have your envelopes designed with your company logo and design in CMYK and also in spot colors. Quickly produced and mailed, you can address your customized envelopes in inkjet or laser printers. Of course, these envelopes can also be written on and stamped. This way, your letters, invoices and other important communications will show your personal style.

You can order your personalized envelopes in two variants Envelopes that are wet-glue are suitable for machine processing. If the envelopes are pressure sensitive, you only need to remove the strip on the flap.

Huge selection of formats - with or without window

When you order your envelopes from us, you have a wide choice of formats for your envelopes and mailing bags. Proven classics for business letters are envelopes in DL format, also called C-series. Of course, you can also get B and C format envelopes and mailing bags from us, as well as in Q4+ format. The most popular format is DIN-C.

Other formats like C6 are very popular for invitations or cards. For documents, papers, and other business correspondence, C4 or B4 size envelopes are preferred when important documents should not be folded in A4 format.

With your custom envelope for your business, you can also choose whether the window is placed on the left or right. We also offer envelopes without windows. You can then decide whether the address will be printed on the stationery or directly on the envelope.

Promotional mailings for your company

Discount promotions, customer mailings or invitations - with personalized envelopes you set the tone and leave a professional impression. Mailing campaigns are an integral part of direct marketing. If you would like to send your customers informations or promotional material on classic letterhead, we recommend machine-insertable envelopes in C5 (22.9 mm x 16.2 mm) or C6/5 (22.9 mm x 11.4 mm) with a window on the left. Printed with your company logo or claim, the envelope becomes an eye-catcher. Or make your customers curious about the contents with a funny saying or a neutral imprint on the back.