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  • Flyers :
  • Flyers, printed one side
  • Flyers, printed on both sides
  • Flyers with all-over finish
  • Flyers with spot finish
  • Flyers & Leaflets eco/natural paper, 4/0
  • Flyers & Leaflets eco/natural paper, 4/4
  • Counter top dispenser


Flyers are ideal for announcements, advertising or information. They are known as a classic, under many names: Flyers, handouts, advertising leaflet etc. Flyers are perfect as an advertising tool if you want to reach your target audience. You have a new offer on the menu, the next event is coming up, the new yoga studio is opening soon... You are sure to get attention. Flyers can be distributed on the street, sent by mail to your potential customers or displayed in stores, cafes or restaurants.

At you can find many formats and sizes for your flyer. For distribution, the smaller formats A7 or A8 are suitable, these fit well in the jacket pocket. Especially good for displaying are the sizes DL, A5 or A6 in the postcard format. More information fits on the format A4. If you want more attention, then eye-catching square or round flyers are outstanding.

In high-quality digital printing, we already offer small print runs of 25 pieces, while in offset printing, we print your individually designed flyers up to a maximum print run of 200,000.

Your choice – paper types and grammage

Depending on your creativity and needs, you can create flyers printed on one side or both sides. When it comes to paper selection, you have more options: for flyers with images and color-intensive graphics, our matte or glossy coated art print paper is suitable. Light reflects off the flat, smooth top surface, and colors really pop. Our recycled paper is suitable for matte color tones and of course environmentally friendly. If the leaflets will be distributed outdoors, we recommend the plastic film printed with UV-dried inks. This option is water and oil resistant.

You can feel the quality of the flyer. The thickness of the paper determines the first impression, the weight and strong paper with high grammage makes your advertising material look & feel high-quality. A greater density of the paper does not allow the fonts and motifs on the reverse side to show through. For flyers for display in stores, papers with a thickness between 135 gsm and 300 gsm can be used. For inserts, papers 80 gsm - 250 gsm are sufficient.

Print, Design & Finish

If you want to start a promotion and need flyers with perforation, choose our coupon sheets. To add highlights on a special graphic or headline, the flyer with partial finishing option may be suitable. Here as well, you have several options for making your flyers the center of attention: a soft-touch surface, glossy partial UV coating, or the use of cello on one or both sides. Please don't forget to include the partial finish in your print data. Or go all out - UV varnish on the entire surface protects and enhances your flyer printing.

Need more space? Then take a look at our folded flyer category. Here you have more pages for individual design - folding flyers as wrap fold, altar fold or zigzag fold in various formats and paper types.