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Benefits of Glue Binding Magazine Printing

Perfect binding or glue binding is the right choice for magazines with more pages. Page count and paper thickness affects the possibilities. E.g. a 250 gsm art print brochure with 28 pages is already suited for perfect binding. The advantage of perfect bound magazines is the durability, and the higher page count possible, as you can select up to 360 pages.

A wide range of sizes and papers are available. Choose between 80 gsm for the inside paper and up to 300 gsm for the cover. Of course beside self cover heavier weight covers and laminated foil covers are available.

Print your own brochure or magazine in full colour and use our free templates for the size you choose. No matter if you need brochures, magazines, booklets, fanzines or comics, glue binding is the right choice for a higher page count and long durability.