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  • Letterheads :
  • Letterhead CMYK Four-Color (single-sided colour printed)
  • Letterhead CMYK Four-Color (double-sided colour printed)
  • Letterheads special-colours single-sided
  • Letterheads special-colours double-sided
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Any kind of business correspondence, in the form of invoices, cover letters or even advertising letters will be better received by your customers if they are printed on stationery with your logo. Therefore companies use individually produced stationery with their own design. In addition to stationery, basic business equipment also includes envelopes, business cards and pads. This way, your customers will recognize your company at first sight and the promotional material will not end up in the trash.

If you have the stationery for your company professionally designed, the guidelines are decisive. Depending on the type of company, all the required information such as the company name, legal form, registered office, commercial register number, the relevant register court and all managing directors, the chairman by name and, in the case of invoices, account information must also be included in the footer. This way you can include your company logo, contact details and, if necessary, your claim at the top of the letterhead. At your letterhead will be printed in your corporate design. With your logo and contact details, your company will be instantly recognizable and your customers will be able to contact you immediately without wasting time.

You can find out which information belongs on the letterhead, which regulations must be observed for further business correspondence in the form of e-mails and faxes, from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, both locally and online.

First impressions count - impress with personalized stationery

Even in the digital age, business communication on paper remains essential. Invoices, cover letters, notices or even daily correspondence look more professional and serious when printed on stationery with your corporate design. The A4 format is still the most commonly used. If you also use envelopes that bear your company's logo with the personalized stationery, your letters will be recognized immediately. If you focus on mailing campaigns, we recommend envelopes in eye-catching colors or designs. When creating your corporate design, you are not limited to CMYK four-color printing – at you can also order stationery with spot colors.
Not only business communication, you can also have personalized stationery printed for your private correspondence. Let your creativity run wild and impress your family and friends with personalized stationery.

The most important thing when designing for personalized stationery is the uniform effect of individual elements: claim, corporate design, company logo and colors should come together to form a whole. The paper also plays a major role in this. We offer offset paper in various paper weights from 80 gsm to 120 g/m². For A4, 80 or 90 gsm is ideal. This stationery can be stamped, written on and printed. You can also have your stationery printed on one or both sides, stationery printing one two or four colors or even with spot colors are the options.

We also offer your personalized stationery on recycled paper. When it comes to design, we don't leave you alone: you can use our online design tool with the templates and simply add your logo and texts, and your personalized stationery is ready. Or you already have your own layout with images and texts and provide us with the print data with an upload after ordering.

Extraordinary and outstanding paper types

Handwritten letters are still sent on special occasions - congratulations on a wedding, anniversary or even a round birthday. Personal letters on high-quality stationery have become rare, but they have a lasting effect. For these occasions, we recommend stationery with your own design on exclusive paper. You can choose between textured linen paper, Bio Top natural paper bleached with oxygen or Vergé beige Gmund paper made of 100% cotton. These distinctive types of paper have the highest quality, can be printed with the inkjet printer and of course also written on. Show your friends and family that they are important to you.