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  • Large-sized Adhesive Film
  • Address stickers
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  • Neon Stickers
  • Double-Sided Stickers
  • Stickers (electrostatic)


Stickers are perfect multi-talents in marketing and communication. They are versatile, effective and inexpensive. At you can have your personalized stickers printed and your messages will reach your target group quickly and easily.

The uses for stickers are limitless. As promotional stickers in your corporate design, you will be visible everywhere. You can use the large-format adhesive foils or floor stickers as signposts or information signs. Upgrade your glass facades and attract attention with cool sayings or with expressive motifs. In our online store you will find the right sticker for every purpose and occasion. For product branding, stickers are a great option. Promotional gifts are personalized, discount promotions become visible quickly and easily. A huge selection of stickers awaits you: small or large, for glass or for the floor, printed on one or both sides, round or square, discreet or eye-catching in neon colors, for outdoors or indoors.

Besides stickers, we at also offer labels. Which product is right for you? If you want to send, distribute or apply individual stickers, we advise stickers. Do you have a lot of products to mark, such as with offer promotions, then the labels are perfect for you. The labels are practically placed on a suitable sheet next to and below each other and delivered on a roll.

Get inspired in our online store and choose between many different motifs, shapes and formats. The possibilities are endless!

Choose between many sizes, variations and materials

Classic promotional stickers or special shapes, you get stickers tailored to your business at Many formats, sizes, shapes and variations are available for you to choose from. Round, square, small, large stickers you can use for your marketing campaigns indoor or outdoor.

Did you know that stickers printed on both sides with writeable back can also be used as postcards? For advertising messages as eye-catchers, neon stickers in bright colors and adhesive labels in neon yellow are perfect. There are round, oval and square stickers. With the format option free form and contour cut, you can choose the popular shapes stop sign, heart or rhombus, of course, also the shape of a logo. After the order is placed you upload your print files. The vegan stickers are our sustainable eco variant made from environmentally friendly materials. For this we use only mineral, vegetable ingredients and glue-free water-based glue. You can also order vegan stickers in round, oval and rectangular shapes in our online store.

Depending the place of use - whether indoor or outdoor, different materials come into question. For outdoor stickers or sticker films we use weatherproof materials. Our address stickers, for example, are made of adhesive paper, which is more commonly used for indoor sticker production. Static stickers made of Stafix, electrically charged and self-adhesive film, can be applied particularly quickly and removed from surfaces without leaving any residue. We print the large-format adhesive films in digital printing with high quality on PVC film. For the floor stickers, we use strongly adhesive and non-slip PVC film, which can be easily applied to rough surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or stone. The adhesive film used for outdoor use can withstand rain, temperature differences and, thanks to printing with UV-dried inks, sunlight.

At you can print runs from 10 to 200,000 pieces. If you need a different print run, format or paper, please contact us. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.