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Have appointment slips printed as mnemonic devices

Appointments are important for doctors' surgeries, public authorities, hairdressers' salons or beauty salons in order to keep waiting times as short as possible. If the patient's next examination is entered in the practice's system, these appointments should also be kept. Appointment slips are often written on and handed out as a reminder. If you have appointment slips printed, you offer a good service and leave a professional impression that is perceived positively by patients and customers alike. At the same time, you increase the chance that appointments will not be forgotten. Printed appointment slips are a haptic support that can be hung on the notice board. Many patients and customers are happy about such a reminder. You can order the slips of paper for your appointment management from us as appointment pads in DIN A6 and DIN A7. The individual printed appointment slips can then be easily detached from the notepad and written on.

Select and personalise the right item

While the slips of paper of the appointment pads have approximately the paper thickness of a usual copy paper, you can also order appointment cards from us that are as thick as business cards. These also have the format of business cards. This makes the cards handy and sturdy, and they also fit into wallets or trouser pockets when unfolded. If we are allowed to print the somewhat larger appointment slips for you, you can leave additional notes on the sheets in DIN format. For patients, for example, the reminder to come to the blood collection sober is an important note. Customers may not want to wash their hair before testing a hairstyle - all such notes are no problem when you have appointment slips printed. If you only want to remember the date and time of the appointment, printed appointment cards are the right choice. Despite the smaller size, you can also print the cards additionally with your contact details and the like.

What you should consider in your print data

When you have appointment slips printed, they are only printed on one side. This is also very practical when writing on the sheets in the appointment pad. The appointment cards, on the other hand, are printed on one or both sides. You can also order them with rounded corners. We generally recommend offset paper for appointment slips, as this is the best paper for writing on. In addition, picture printing paper is also available for appointment cards. With this paper, the colours of your motif or logo come into their own. However, it can only be written on to a limited extent - you can write the date and time on it with a biro or similar pen.